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Event Detail

Event Detail

  • Carnival
Event Carnival
Start 13 February 2021 - Saturday | 00 : 00
End 16 February 2021 - Tuesday | 00 : 00

Carnival in Málaga is an eminently popular festival preceding Lent; its colourful, multicultural and spontaneous character make it unique. Celebrations are held both in the Historic Quarter and the rest of the city's districts, which, during Málaga's warm winter, host hundreds of recreational activities. Carnival has always had deep roots in Málaga, but it disappeared in 1935 because of the difficult socio-political circumstances of the time. After the dictatorship, the festival was held once more with renewed vigour.

Pic: © Malaga City Tourist Board
Info:© 2018 Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol S.L.U

Address Historical City Center

Calle Marqués de Larios, s/n, Málaga, 29005

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