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Event Detail

Event Detail

  • Malaga Fair
Event Malaga Fair
Start 17 August 2024 - Saturday | 00 : 00
End 24 August 2024 - Saturday | 00 : 00

The city’s summer festivals originally commemorated the incorporation of Malaga into the Kingdom of Castile by the Reyes Católicos (Catholic Monarchs), who entered the city on 19 August 1487. Malaga’s August Fair has now become the Gran Fiesta del Verano (Great Summer Fair) and has an open, cosmopolitan and international atmosphere. Find out about its most important events, such as the opening of the fair, which is accompanied by a fireworks show; the Romería pilgrimage where horse-riders, carriages and local people accompany the fair’s flagbearer to the Santuario de la Victoria; the Feria del Centro (Central Fair), where you can taste wines and tapas in the historic streets of Malaga, accompanied by music; the Real de la Feria fairground, where booths, live performances, and fairground attractions are all brought together to create an area where visitors can have fun.

Pic: © Malaga City Tourist Board
Info:© 2018 Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol S.L.U

Address Recinto Ferial Cortijo de Torres

Auditorio Municipal Cortijo de Torres, Calle Paquiro 9, 29006 Málaga, Spain

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