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Málaga Cruise Port

The Port of Málaga is located in Southern Spain, and because of its strategic location it can be considered in routes to the Med & to the Atlantic, in this last case going both North & South. It provides an easy access for ships, and trouble-free weather conditions all year round, as for winds and waves. Tides are not an issue either, with a tide level range of max. 0.80m.

Málaga, international homeport to the Med & the Atlantic

If you visited Málaga in 2007 or earlier, you definitely need to revisit: a new Port has been created, very especially as a cruise Port. The destination has also evolved greatly, the historical city center being pedestrianized and new attractions being born in the province and in Andalucía. New cruise-dedicated berths and terminals allowing Málaga to receive every single cruise ship in the world, new and personalized services, all the efforts from the Port Authority, the Port Community and the Tourist Administrations working to achieve a common goal: providing the best service, and fostering the increase of cruise calls and passengers in Malaga, specifically in homeport operations. Because Málaga offers everything a cruise ship and cruise passengers need from a homeport: air links, a hotel industry, port facilities, as well as an excellent choice for pre & post cruise stays. Getting back to our first words, a visit is undoubtedly the way to get updated; in the meantime, we are very pleased to show you through these pages. Welcome.

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