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At the bottom of the Sierra Nevada, the province’s capital city, Granada, with its strategic location, is the result of the fusion of western and eastern civilisations. The capital of the former Nasrid kingdom, the old city preserves the urban atmosphere with picturesque areas. The Alhambra, one of the most fascinating monumental sites in the world, dominates the city.

Al-Suqundi, 13th century: "Granada is the Damascus of Al-Andalus, a pasture for the eyes, an elevation of the soul. It has an in-expugnable castle of tall walls and magnificent buildings. It stands out for the singularity of its river, which disseminates through its houses, baths, Moorish markets, internal and external mills and gardens". Ví­ctor Hugo, 19th century: "Be it near or far, Spanish or Arabic, There is not one single city, Which dare dispute, With Granada, the beautiful, The prize of beauty, Nor any that show, With more enchantment or jollity, Brighter eastern sparkles, Under a more serene sky". Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 19th century: "Who has not heard of and admired Granada without even visiting it?".

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  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Granada was built on the site of the former Great Mosque.

    The first stone of the Cathedral of Granada was placed in 1523, but it was not finished until 1704, 181 years later.

  • Plaza Nueva

    Around the square are several important buildings such as the Royal Chancellery and the House of Pisa, and nearby is the lively Calle Elvira, from where you can reach the Albaycin

    The Plaza Nueva was formerly one of the most important parts of the city where various tournaments, games and bullfights were held.

  • Paseo de los Tristes

    The Carrera del Darro and the Paseo de los Tristes are some of the most beautiful places in Granada, next to the River Darro, crossed by two stone bridges.

    They offer stunning views of the Alhambra. Plaza Nueva is located next to the Carrera del Darro and is the oldest square in Granada.

  • Mirador de San Nicolas

    The Mirador de San Nicolás is perhaps the most famous viewpoint in Granada. Since ex-US president Bill Clinton visited in 1997 and said it has "the most beautiful sunset in the world", the Mirador de San Nicolás has become a must-see for tourists. 

  • Alhambra and Generalife

    It is both a palace and a fortress surrounded by walls and was the residence of the Nasrid sultans between the 13th and 15th centuries.

    Its palaces, towers, royal apartments and gardens show the splendour that Granada attained during the Nasrid dynasty.

  • Sierra Nevada

    The ski resort of Sierra Nevada in Granada is the southernmost in Europe. It is located in the Penibetic System, in southern Spain, just 32 kilometres from Granada by road and with good communications.

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